The PodCo Team

Mark Reed-Edwards
Co-Founder and CEO

Mark is a seasoned executive with a background in marketing and media. His podcast, Confessions of a Marketer, formed the foundation for PodCo Media Networks. He co-founded PodCo and is responsible for its day-to-day operations and strategic direction.

Phillip C. Strozier
Head of Business Affairs

Phillip is in charge of the managing the company’s business relationships with affiliates, hosts, vendors and partners.

Eric J. Proos
General Counsel

Eric oversees PodCo’s legal affairs and ensure that the company’s contracts and policies conform to industry best practices.

Chris Rajki
Director, Corp. Dev. & Partnerships

Chris is responsible for working with our podcasts hosts and sponsors to provide the industries best business-focused podcast sponsorship packages. 

Garnet Heraman
Co-Founder and Non-Executive Chairman

Garnet S. Heraman is an investor and influencer with 25 years experience at the intersection of brands, innovation and technology. He co-hosts one of the companies popular podcasts, #theipod, and co-founded PodCo.

The PodCo Board of Advisors

Juliana Gomez
VP Strategy & Insights
Univision Communications 

Juliana is a go-to-market strategist who works as a consulting partner with advertisers in business case assessment, Hispanic insights, advertising strategy, campaign measurement and ROI.

Denise Oliver
Media Consultant/Content Developer
Oliver Media

Denise is co-founder of the innovative online video startup She also advises companies on their national radio and internet initiatives.

Jason Van Anden
Founder and Chief Technologist
Quadrant 2

Jason has created some of the most recognized social good technologies used by the ACLU, Occupy Wall Street and OurWalmart.

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