Our Podcasts

We have a growing array of business-focused podcasts, with more planned. Each one is produced using our proprietary Podcast on a Platter™ system, which lets hosts and producers focus on their ideas.

Confessions of a Marketer

We talk marketing–all subjects, all points of view–with the world’s leading experts.

#theipod - The Innovation Podcast

Every week we talk with experts in innovation from large and small companies around the world.

Demystifying Data

The Demystifying Data podcast, with host Chris Clegg, deconstructs the tools and techniques marketers need to make data more actionable.

My First Job

Jon Chang interviews business leaders about their first jobs and their subsequent career paths--many of which are unconventional.

The InnovateHER Podcast

Every week, Lauren Conaway, founder of InnovateHER KC, talks with entrepreneurs, civic leaders, educators, activists, advocates, STEMinists, and academics. You’ll get their stories and hear the issues that impact women’s leadership.


Host Olvin Valentin will cover the business scene in Latin America from his base in Puerto Rico–talking to entrepreneurs, business leaders, community member, government officials and more.

Citizen CEO

Each week, on Citizen CEO, host Kimberly Citizen talks to experts in technology, business development, cybersecurity, intel, and more about the ins and out of working with the government.

The Deep Dive

The Deep Dive is a culture and insights podcast with Philip McKenzie, an anthropologist who uses his expertise in culture to advise organizations on how best to thrive in an increasingly challenging and uncertain environment. Every week, Philip goes below the surface with the people who matter the most.

The Deep Dive

Host Valerie Trent, a user experience expert and designer, explores what good design really means in the physical world. You’ll hear interviews from design experts and professionals as Valerie unfolds what great UX in the physical world really means.

Pitch Your Podcast Idea

We have a great slate of podcasts planned for the next few months. But we are always in search of great business-focused podcast ideas. Maybe you have been thinking of starting a podcast but you didn’t know how to get it up and running. If you have a great idea, let us know. 

With our proprietary Podcast on a Platter™ system, we’ll do all the legwork for you so you can focus on the content and leave the heavy lifting to us.

All you need to do is bring your ideas. So, give it a shot. Just fill out the form and send it along. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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